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Greetings Friends of the Constituency for Africa!

Melvin P. FooteI am truly pleased to welcome you all to the newly-launched website for the Constituency for Africa. As CFA moves into its third decade of existence, I believe that its advocacy work will continue to be critical in the shaping of U.S.-Africa foreign policy with a particular focus on the African Diaspora. The principal purpose of launching CFA was to educate Americans about Africa and African development issues; to improve cooperation and coordination among the various organizations and institutions that work on African issues; and to help shape United States policies toward Africa by encouraging Americans, especially outside of the Washington beltway, to weigh-in with policy makers and thought leaders on African issues.

Over the past twenty-four years, CFA has established itself as one of the leading organizations in the United States committed to educating and mobilizing the U.S. public on matters pertaining to Africa and the African Diaspora. As a result, CFA has done much to increase the level of cooperation and coordination among a broad-based coalition of international organizations, businesses and individuals committed to the progress, development, and empowerment of Africa and African people. In addition, CFA’s stellar achievement in advocacy education and information dissemination has led to a greater understanding and awareness of Africa among all groups.

CFA has pioneered a highly touted series of Town Hall Meetings on Africa, which have taken place in many cities and towns across the United States to better understand African policy issues and to actively participate in the policy formulation process. CFA also organizes the Ronald H. Brown African Affairs Series, held each year in September in Washington, D.C., which coincides with the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Annual Legislative Conference. The Series has continued to serve as a unique platform for linking the CBC members and their staff with African-focused organizations, African diplomats and government policy-makers, and the leadership of the grassroots community.

Based on all of CFA’s accomplishments and ongoing efforts we ask that you please take advantage of the wealth of information posted ion our CFA website. Please also consider making a financial contribution to support our endeavors. CFA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and we would greatly appreciate your financial support. In closing, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Constituency for Africa, I wish to express my utmost appreciation for all of your support over these past twenty-four years and look forward to “doing more on behalf of Africa and its people”!


Melvin P. Foote
President and CEO
Constituency for Africa