CFA recognizes the incredible opportunity and potential to link African-American and African decision-makers and stakeholders through the AAUC and related advocacy initiatives.

To this end, CFA envisions the following successful outcomes:

  • Enhancement of the capacity of African-American and African leaders to take a pro-active role in collaborating and cooperating amongst each other in order to build the necessary constituency required to sustain the goals and objectives of the AU’s Sixth Region.
  • Development of an effective and relevant resource database system that will provide ongoing news and information for analysis and strategic planning.
  • Establishment of a useful conduit for the promotion and discussion of the challenges and required solutions for ongoing support of the AU’s Sixth Region initiatives and further strengthen the advocacy skills and capabilities of African-focused non-governmental organizations and other relevant members of civil society.
  • Building an institutionally structured foundation for the future leaders of an Africa-focused advocacy agenda with and between African and African-American students attending historically black colleges and universities.